Our brand philosophy is customer loyalty - constantly listening to their feedback and input, innovation, and innovating our equipment offering. ZETOR has been a synonym for Performance, Endurance and Premium Comfort for 74 years.

Focusing on not only leading the market in our engine and hydraulic engineering, we also have set out to make sure we lead the market in delivering all the premium features other brands will offer as add-on's and upgrades in every model we produce.

You'll find that  our line of subcompact, compact, compact utility, and utility ag tractors not only lead the competition in dollar value but also deliver top of the line performance. We have industry leading warranties and amazing dealer financing options as well.

The ZETOR tractors performance can be fully experienced thanks to the engineered combination of its engine output combined with the tractor weight to help deliver on any job.

We focus on simplicity, smart and intentional design that leads to the reliability and durability ZETOR tractors are known for. Combine that with the incredible 10 Year Dealer Warranty and you're going to have a machine that will last a lifetime.

Dollar for dollar, ZETOR tractors deliver more bang for the buck. Our tractors offer low fuel consumption and our engineering insures low maintenance costs. Combine with our premium features that come standard in every model, you'll be saving big immediately and in the long run.

#1 More than 1.4 million satisfied customers worldwide

Since 1946, over 1.4 million ZETOR tractors  have been exported to more than 90 countries worldwide. The excellence in its European engineering and design have become industry standards.

#2 Developed and manufactured in the heart of Central Europe

Manufacturing and production of ZETOR tractors and engines is located in the heart of Central Europe, located in Brno, Czech Republic. Full designing, engineering, and assembly in one location gives ZETOR full control and a huge advantage to the future developments.

#3 ZETOR designs and manufacture of Engines, Transmissions, Cabs and Internal Components

ZETOR supplies world markets with not only agricultural tractors, but also the internal components which are utilized in the production of other equipment worldwide.