Founded in 1946, ZETOR has grown into one of the renown tractor manufacturers in Europe. Over 1.4 million Zetor tractors are in use today in over 90 countries around the world. The quality of ZETOR tractors is assured by in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing by ZETOR in Brno, Czech Republic - a member of the European Union with 100-year tradition of advanced engineering. ZETOR has developed its brand by focusing on innovation with its team of engineers partnering with the feedback from customers all around the world on how to make the world's top performing tractor.

We're so honored to bring the long-standing tradition of European engineering to the heart of the Oklahoma Stockyards with the ZETOR tractor line. From sub-compact to utility ag, the ZETOR series has the right fit from the beginner aglifer to the seasoned rancher.

What sold us on carrying the ZETOR line is how it stacks up to the competition. Dollar for dollar, ZETOR not only offers better performance in its comparative models, but also skips the gimmicky add-on's and upgrades so many lines will try to sell you on. With ZETOR tractors, premium comes standard. The comparison charts speak for themselves.